You will be working remotely from any part of the world. You will communicate with your editors in several international bureaus via messenger and voice calls.

This is primarily a full-time position. We will consider other forms of employment as an exception.

We will agree on a basic monthly rota, but we can be highly flexible on specific arrangements. We value writers who make themselves available when an urgent news story demands their personal touch.

HR Manager
HR Manager в is looking for ascendant stars to help us pioneer fresh formats, expand into new areas and attract first-time visitors. RT is a global, round-the-clock news network of eight TV channels, broadcasting news, current affairs, and documentaries, with digital platforms in six languages and RUPTLY video news agency.


You are an independent thinker with multiple areas of interest. We welcome a genuinely broad spectrum of ideological and intellectual positions so long as they are soundly expressed. We are searching for a writer who wants their ideas to add something to the debate and make a difference in the world. If you have specialist topics you want to explore within, tell us.

You are creative and self-reliant. We are not on the hunt for news drones. You will receive assignments, but primarily you will drive your own career. You will pitch ideas and angles to us every working day. Our job will be to guide and empower you, not to stand over you.

You are a skilled and versatile author. Ideally, you are already proficient in English-language news, opinion and feature writing. If not, you must have produced strong media content – perhaps on YouTube or a blog – and built a dedicated following.

You have fine news instincts. You consume media ceaselessly, even outside work hours. You get why one headline works over another. You understand our audience and where you can take them. You are good with social media.

You are consistent. In a job this flexible and open-ended, reliability is paramount. You are always accessible when you say you will be, and you produce your best work every single time.


- Full time

- Remote job


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