- Do research and identify ideal customers for a platform (find influencers in the wellness industry on youtube, instagram twitter and tiktok).

- Do market research: surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation.

- Data entry:  input alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic data into Ongo’s system.

Кристина Ждан
Personal and business assistant at charity startup from Silicon Valley в Ongo

About Ongo:

Ongo is a mobile app designed to develop healthier habits by connecting health experts with people. The company is located in Silicon Valley. Ongo is backed by Dropbox and Twitch. The scientifically backed platform allows people to manage all aspects of health - fitness, wellness, nutrition, etc. We help influencers in the wellness industry create their own app (for running, meditation, home workouts) so they can launch their own courses.

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*Подбор сотрудников на эту вакансию осуществляется hiring агентством Grintern. Мы гарантируем нашим соискателям, что работаем только с проверенными компаниями, которым можно доверять, и обеспечиваем вам безопасность и надежность рабочих условий. Если вам кажется, что для этой вакансии вам недостает компетенций, напишите на почту —  мы поможем подобрать вакансию, которая вам точно понравится!

Начини карьеру в компании Кремниевой Долины



- You are proactive.

- You demonstrate an unparalleled attention to details and  don’t miss obvious things.

- You always try to go the extra mile.

- You care about health and wellness.

- You have critical thinking skills - you can do your own research.

- You show honesty and always share your own opinion and suggestions.

- You have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.


Why should you apply?

- Competitive salary.

- You will work remotely.

- 4 flexible working hours per day - you can reconcile work with your studies.

- You’ll get the experience from the founders of a wellness startup in Silicon Valley.

- Our team is still very small, so you’ll have tremendous opportunities for growth within our company


от 20000 до 40000 руб.