What will you do?

- Compose and send emails to organizations, suggest partnerships and collaborations.

- Reach out to people on behalf of the CEO, pitch why to start working together.

- Write follow-ups.

- Sustain long-term connections and partnerships.

- Do the research on who to contact, sort a lot of information.

- Suggest creative ideas on how to promote the CEO and the company.

Jivika Rajani is the founder and CEO of Aspir8 company providing mentorship and training opportunities to empower high-school students to create change in their communities. Now Jivika is looking for a new team member to take care of her personal and professional brand development.
Daria Stranadko
Hiring Manager at Grintern в Aspir8

Why join Aspir8?

- You will communicate directly with the CEO of the company who is very collaborative and wants to share, teach, and mentor.

- You will work for the company with a great mission.

- You will pursue a very creative and non-routine job.

- You will constantly practice business communication in English.

*The employee recruitment for this vacancy is carried out by the Grintern hiring agency. We guarantee our job seekers that we only work with reliable companies that can be trusted, and that we provide you with a safe and secure working environment. If it seems to you that you lack the competencies for this vacancy, but your English level is C1 and higher and you want to work in an international company, write to daria@grintern.co - we will try to help you find a vacancy based on your career aspirations.


- You are capable of managing the responsibilities mentioned above.

- You have perfect writing and communication skills – you need to enjoy writing emails, as well as never have grammar mistakes (so please demonstrate that ability while applying).

- You are resourceful, creative, curious, smart, ready to learn, collaborative.

- You know how to look for lot of information, sort it and make decisions.

- You are initiative, come up with suggestions instead of waiting for the tasks, able to take the lead.

- You are interested in the company’s mission, social entrepreneurship and education.

- (Experience in pitching and outreach is advantageous)

- (Design and infographic skills would be advantageous (Photoshop, Canva))


- Part-time employment (4 hours per day, 5/2).

- 2 to 6 months project, with the potential to become a long-term team member based on performance.

- Remote work with a flexible schedule, you can combine with studies.

- Constant learning from an experienced mentor.

- Competitive salary on a junior level.

Application deadline: 13 Sept 2020

Only the applicants with a cover letter will be considered: in a letter in English, tell us why you are the ideal candidate for this position.


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