What will you do?

- Create, organize, and edit the online catalog of the grocery delivery service.

- Make sure that all products and texts in the catalog are in the standard format and style.

- Plan, structure and implement tags/labels for different product categories and specifications.

Fridge No More is the New York-based company providing the service of 15 minutes free grocery delivery with no minimum order, no hidden fees, and no subscription. The company is founded by Anton Gladkoborodov – a successful entrepreneur with an impressive experience and several other startups.

Now Fridge No More is getting launched, and the team is looking for a food lover with an understanding of U.S. food market specifics to help them create the best mobile-app catalog for the grocery delivery service in New York.

Kristina Zhdan
Hiring Manager at Grintern в Fridge No More

Why join Fridge No More?

- You will be part of the New York startup launch! What could be a more exciting experience?

- You will get valuable entrepreneurial experience and learn how all the processes in the startup are created and implemented.

- You will communicate directly with the founding team.

- You will have an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow together with the powerful team of talented people.

*The employee recruitment for this vacancy is carried out by the hiring agency Grintern. We guarantee our job seekers that we only work with reliable companies that can be trusted, and that we provide you with a safe and secure working environment. If it seems to you that you lack the competencies for this vacancy, but your English level is C1 and higher and you want to work in an international company, write to kristina@grintern.ru - we will try to help you find a vacancy that you could apply to!


- Be a fan of food!

- Understand U.S. food market specifics – products, packages, categories, etc. (Do you know what almond milk and burrata are? Can imagine what the volume of a gallon is?)

- Have nutrition knowledge and scientific approach – be ready to dive into the research about GMO, food allergy categories, mindful consumption, etc.

- Have excellent attention to details – you will be the main editor of the online catalog, you should be the person who cares about spelling/spacings/colors/texts/fonts/labels, proof-reads and checks for the mistakes of others (by the way, as the second sentence in your cover letter, please write what your current favorite grocery delivery company is).

- Fluent English – you will be writing texts for the catalog which will be available for customers in New York.

- Ability to adjust to the EST time zone (that is, to start working as late as possible if you live in the Moscow time zone, e.g., from 15:00 till 23:00).


- Full-time employment (8 hours per day, 5/2).

- Remote work.

- Constant learning, growth, and development together with the team.

- The opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience and work with a progressive startups’ founder.

- Competitive salary on the junior level.

- Quick selection process.

Application deadline: 20th of September 2020

Only the applicants with a cover letter will be considered: in a letter in English, tell us why you are the ideal candidate for this position.


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