What will you do?

- Coordinate marketing activities.

- Apply to various rating competitions approximately 5 times a year, prepare all the needed materials.

- Deal with documents, contracts, fill in client forms, communicate with raters.

- Communicate with colleagues-lawyers to work on the documents together.

- Manage social media of the company and coordinate SMM-colleagues.

- Plan and implement the expansion to Instagram and LinkedIn (now the company has only Facebook, Telegram and its own website blog).

Kristina Zhdan
Hiring Manager at Grintern в [Company name is confidential]

You have an opportunity to be part of a successful law company and work directly with a well-known Russian entrepreneur who is known as a leading specialist in the field of asset protection, as well as in the field of structuring and support of complex international transactions.

*The employee recruitment for this vacancy is carried out by the hiring agency Grintern. We guarantee our job seekers that we only work with reliable companies that can be trusted, and that we provide you with a safe and secure working environment. If it seems to you that you lack the competencies for this vacancy, but your English level is C1 and higher and you want to work in an international company, write to kristina@grintern.ru - we will try to help you find a vacancy that you could apply to!


- Proficiency in written English.

- Excellent communications skills – you formulate your ideas clearly both in Russian and English.

- Proficiency in Excel, ability to work with a lot of data.

- Stuctured thinking, knowledge of programs that help systemizing the data.

- Ability to cope with a large amount of routine work with pleasure.

- Marketing / journalism / SMM experience.

- Proactivity and initiative – suggest new ideas and argue for them.


- Part-time employment (4 hours per day, 5/2), you can combine with studies.

- Remote work.

- Flexible hours, you plan yourself.

- Competitive salary on the junior level.

- Quick selection process.

Application deadline: 28th of September 2020

Only the applicants with a cover letter will be considered: in a letter in English, tell us why you are the ideal candidate for this position.


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