Mutable is a next-generation company that solves DevOps problems for developers and hosting infrastructure problems for software companies.

Since 2016, the company has been providing a platform designed for applications such as drones, autonomous vehicles, VR/AR, AI, IoT, remote desktops, and gaming. 

Mutable is creating a public edge cloud that delivers faster internet and better quality of service for customers by acting as an Airbnb for servers.

  • The company has its Mutable Cloud service that helps you store and structure information.
  • Mutable can provide the lowest latency available for next-generation applications by combining the infrastructure of cable and wireless providers, allowing them to stand out from competitors providing similar services.
  • More than $1.5M has been invested in Mutable. Momenta Ventures and Charlie Songhurst are the most recent investors.
  • The company's employees live in 4 major cities around the world - Dublin, New York, Amsterdam, and Yerevan. 

Key facts about the founder:

  • Its founder Vache Asatryan was born in a very artistic family that has nothing to do with IT. Since childhood, Vache liked to consult startups on technology. 
  • In recent years, he has co-founded several tech companies himself - Dendrite Corp.,, TechTension
  • He received a bachelor's/master's degree in integrated digital media from New York Polytechnic University.

What will you do?

  • Research tasks: collect data on a particular task (For example, search about a particular telecommunication company, where are owners based, how many subscribers it has, and where are data centers located); 

  • Administrative tasks: help team members manage their daily operations (For example, after a digital conference you can collect information about people who attended the conference - find their profiles on LinkedIn, contact them, and add them to the CRM database); 

  • Do additional research - help two team members who are engaged in writing weekly articles for the blog; search for articles for the blog, prepare summaries, and help with infographics data;

  • Take notes during the client calls to write transcripts (that is why you need to be aware of such topics as telecommunication/cloud computing/etc in order to be able to understand all the discussed details quickly).

Diana Klishchenko

Why should you apply for this vacancy?

- You will have an opportunity to gain valuable experience by learning from a talented entrepreneur from New York - Vache Asatryan;

- You will work remotely with a highly qualified team and help them run day-to-day tasks and operations;

- You will work in a company that is developing in the field of IT technologies, learning from a team of the best specialists;

- You will work with clients from all over the world, studying the market of different countries.


  • Fluent English: you should be able to conduct research in English and search for information, as well as communicate with team members;

  • You have a technical background in information technology, engineering, or computer science.

  • Have analytical skills - be able to analyze the information provided or quickly search for and structure the solution found;

  • You should be ready to learn new information (for example, be ready to learn the basics of SQL) and shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions;

  • Be able to manage documents and organize/structure them;

  • You are involved or passionate about one of these fields: security, telecommunication, cloud computing;

  • Self-reliance - you are able to work remotely and provide results without being constantly controlled or reminded.

Not necessary, but will be a plus:

  • You speak Spanish / German / French or other European languages.


  • Part-time employment (5 hours, 5/2) for the first 15 days, and then full-time employment (8 hours, 5/2); 

  • Remote work: work at your own pace, calling the team to discuss goals and planning;

  • The opportunity to work in a diverse company: Mutable opens the door to everyone who wants to work here. Everyone is equal here - women who want to build a career in telecommunications or IT, representatives of the LGBTQ+ community, or representatives of other minorities;

  • Opportunity to learn from the best: the team is interested in you asking questions and continuously learning from the best; they’ll teach you everything related to engineering;

  • Quick selection process;

  • Opportunity to grow within the company - we consider only the candidates looking for long-term commitment.

Application deadline: 15th of October 2020

Only the applicants with a cover letter will be considered: in a letter in English, tell us why you are the ideal candidate for this position.

*The employee recruitment for this vacancy is carried out by the hiring agency Grintern. We guarantee our job seekers that we only work with reliable companies that can be trusted, and that we provide you with a safe and secure working environment. If it seems to you that you lack the competencies for this vacancy, but your English level is C1 and higher and you want to work in an international company, write to - we will try to help you find a vacancy that you could apply to!


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