OPARASA is based in Atlanta and operates in the USA. The company is a social enterprise that helps people in recovery and businesses reach their respective goals, all while generating significant returns for investors. In other words:

  • OPARASA purchases small to mid-sized enterprises with unrealized growth potential;

  • it scales businesses and lowers operating costs by staffing workers in long-term recovery;

  • it helps young people in long-term recovery who need meaningful careers and for whom it can be difficult to get hired since they are marginalized and stigmatized in society;

  • during this time, the company gradually increases employees’ responsibilities and work with nationally-certified aftercare providers to ensure all workers are meeting their recovery goals during their participation in the program;

  • these employees own a portion of the business as it leads to higher retention and higher margins for the business and improved recovery outcomes. 

Now, the Vice President of OPARASA Lisa Wilson and the CEO Stephen Deason are looking for a multi-functional assistant to help with operational and tech-related tasks that are changing every day. Is that you who is interested in resolving various tasks from day to day and working for a company with an inspiring mission to help people? Apply now! 

What will you do?

A lot of different tasks - this is a multi-functional role and we can’t name all the tasks in advance since new ones are appearing every day. This is a great opportunity to develop your multitasking skills.

Some examples:

— Monitoring and maintaining a phone system (voice-over IP system) - troubleshoot to get someone up and running (based on documentation).

— Assisting someone non-technical who wants to install the company’s program on a desktop or as a mobile app - explain how to do it, help with problems to install, troubleshoot.

— Running logs (to find out who is making phone calls and who not) and making a report for the CEO every day (based on a “how-to” document).

— Running reports from Bria (VoIP service to take calls anywhere on both desktop and mobile devices), StafferLink (online management software), Zoho (CRM system), TimeDoctor (time tracking system), so that the VP and CEO have an overview every day.

— Assisting with the CRM system (Zoho) maintenance.

— Keeping company’s websites updated on a regular basis - adding testimonials, moving pictures around, adding job postings, linking it to Indeed, etc.

Diana Klishchenko
Recruitment Manager at Grintern в OPARASA

Why join?

This is a great opportunity for a young specialist to start a career in an international company with an inspiring mission to help people, develop multitasking skills, learn from the professionals, and work remotely from any place in the world!



— Fluent spoken and written English - you should be able to communicate with the team and clients freely (and for sure with no grammar/spelling/typing mistakes), all of them are Americans.

— Technical knowledge or background - as you might have understood from the list of responsibilities, you need to be tech-friendly (and tech-interested) to do troubleshooting, manage various systems, etc. (however, it does not mean being a programmer). And, for sure, Excel is your best friend.

— Excellent organizational skills and self-starter approach - you track each step in the system, always check that everything is done on time, never forget about tasks, proactively ask for more, always put all the needed information into the needed folders/databases, etc. 

— Coachability and perceptiveness to critical feedback -  the CEO of the company is also an MBA professor in one of the top universities, so he is not tolerant of the words “I can’t” (while “I don’t know how yet” is perfectly okay), and he is always eager to help people grow (which sometimes might be perceived as critical feedback).

— Good note-taking skills - there will be much to do and much to remember, the company does not believe in photographic memory.

— Good research skills - you always google before asking the manager.

— Business education or general business knowledge - to be on the same page with the team and have a common understanding of various frameworks, environments, etc. 

— Opportunity to adjust to the EST time zone and work from 15:00 to 23:00 (Moscow time) since the company operates in Atlanta, the USA.

Not required but will be a big plus:

— Knowledge in HTML or Python or no-code solutions.

— Previous experience using any CRM system.


What we offer:

— Full-time employment (8 working hours per day, Monday-Friday). Working hours from 15:00 to 23:00 (Moscow time) since the company operates in Atlanta, the USA.

— Fully remote work. You may be located in any country or city, just need a stable internet connection.

— Great opportunity to start a career in an international company with an inspiring mission to help people.

— Learn from the best! You will be working closely with the VP and CEO of the company.

— Stability - this is not an internship or project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a long-term commitment.

— Quick selection process. The selected candidate might start the job already from the 18th of January 2021.

Application deadline: 12th of January 2021.

*The employee recruitment for this vacancy is carried out by Grintern. We guarantee our job seekers that we only work with reliable companies that can be trusted, and that we provide you with a safe and secure working environment. If it seems to you that you lack the competencies for this vacancy, but your English level is C1 and higher and you want to work in an international company, write to diana@grintern.co - we will try to help you find a vacancy that you could apply to!


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