Content marketing company is looking for a very special person who would like to get one of the most exciting positions in today digital - social influence / social selling specialist.

Your main responsibility is to drive your contacts / followers circle to use them for communications / campaigns / brands advocacy. Thus you are the part of the core our Social Selling strategy within such platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and our email marketing campaigns. 

Also you will make a deep dive into content marketing and Big Data.

You are the right person if:

  • You have a great appearance;
  • You are passionate about media and content;
  • People love your photos and content you share;
  • You have extra communication and writing skills;
  • You love social media and digital media;
  • You know how to attract people's attention;
  • You are ready to boost amount of your followers and contacts to use them to promote products and services;
  • You would like to build a big career in content marketing / digital media business.
Artem Welker
CEO в WelkerMedia

WelkerMedia is a content marketing company that helps businesses and Fortune 500 brands grow their revenue building highly-targeted, personalized and scalable branded media.


  • You have a great appearance. Fashion or related spheres experience provide you with more chances;
  • Great writing and communication skills;
  • Active social media accounts (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram);
  • English level: upper intermediate / advanced;
  • Readiness to learn every day and every hour.


  • Part-time Trainee Job 6-10 hours per week. You can combine it with education or other job;
  • You get a free Education Course from WelkerMedia;
  • You get a recommendation letter from WelkerMedia;
  • We help you to grow and become real specialist during this period;
  • We help you to boost your social accounts and use it like a pro for business purposes or creative campaigns.

If everything is ok, you can choose one of the directions in our company to continue the job on the paid conditions as a constant employee.

Don't forget to provide us with a quick BIO, social accounts and examples of your works.


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