[Vacancy for girls] 

Content marketing company is looking for an editor and brand journalist to manage and grow our content strategy and blogs, 

In case of successful education and training results you can become a constant employee. 

Your main responsibilities:

  • Play a role of influencer on the market;
  • Manage external contributors;
  • Boost amount of external contributors;
  • Use your social media accounts to promote and distribute our content;
  • Provide our content with editing and proofreading;
  • Write articles.

During our collaboration you will make a deep dive to content marketing, working with global social media and content platforms. Also you get a deep knowledge about Data Science and Big Data.

Артем Велькер
CEO в WelkerMedia

WelkerMedia is a content marketing company that helps businesses and Fortune 500 brands grow their revenue building highly-targeted, personalized and scalable branded media.


  • Active social media accounts (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Linkedin);
  • You have a great appearance. Fashion or related spheres experience provide you with more chances;
  • People love your photos and content you share;
  • You know how to attract people's attention;
  • Editing Experience;
  • Journalism Experience;
  • Great writing and communication skills;
  • English level: upper intermediate / advanced;
  • Readiness to learn every day and every hour.
  • You would like to build a big career in content marketing / digital media business.


  • Part-time Trainee Job 6-10 hours per week. You can combine it with education or other job;
  • You get a free Education Course from WelkerMedia;
  • You get a recommendation letter from WelkerMedia;
  • We help you to grow and become real specialist during this period;
  • We help you to boost your social accounts and use it like a pro for business purposes or creative campaigns.

If everything is ok, you can become our constant employee on Editor position or move to other directions. 

We also provide our best team members with shares options in our company.

Don't forget to provide us with a quick BIO, social accounts, your photos and examples of your works.


Оплата по результатам собеседования.