Content marketing company is looking for a person who will provide our CEO with communication, public relations, social media and other assistance.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Manage personal accounts of Artem Welker (linkedin, facebook, twitter);
  • Curate great content and engage global audience within CEO's social media accounts;
  • Keep content plan that works;
  • Expand social media reach through contacts with global partners and agents;
  • Provide an assistance related to business, speaking and other engagements;
  • Work with correspondence.
Artem Welker
CEO в WelkerMedia

WelkerMedia is a content marketing company that helps businesses and Fortune 500 brands grow their revenue building highly-targeted, personalized and scalable branded media.


  • Extra Communication Skills;
  • Extra Appearance;
  • Active social media accounts (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook);
  • Fluent English;
  • Passion to social networks and media;
  • Readiness to learn every day and every hour;
  • You would like to build a big career in global media agency.


  • Part-time Trainee Job 6-10 hours per week. You can combine it with education or other job;
  • You get a free Education Course from WelkerMedia (WM Academy);
  • You get a recommendation letter from WelkerMedia;
  • We help you to grow and become real specialist during this period.

If everything is ok, you can become our constant employee and grow to social media director. 

Don't forget to provide us with a quick BIO, social accounts and examples of your works.


Оплата по результатам собеседования.