• cutting the English voiceover (deleting unnecessary words/sounds, placing the voiceover according to the video)
  • adding the titles and banners to the video
Fiona English
English Language Project Manager в SIKANA

Founded in 2012, Sikana’s mission is to inspire and help each individual to live a fulfilled, independent and dignified life. With offices in India, Paris and Brazil, our organisation has flourished over the years into an international community of experts, volunteer translators, editors and project managers. 

We produce video lessons to share practical skills. All of our videos are delivered by experts, artists, musicians and athletes. Our videos are available consistently in English, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Hindi. So far, this platform enables people to follow online courses to acquire practical skills in a variety of topics ranging from sustainable agriculture, sports, first aid, cooking and art to specialised programs for India such a masonry and sewing programs 

Our organisation is currently hiring a distance editor to help with the production of our tutorial videos, who's work will then be imported onto YouTube and our main site www.sikana.tv


  • Excellent knowledge of English 
  • French is a plus 
  • Must have Adobe Premier CS6 


  • distance editing
  • flexible working hours