• working on services engagements across software brands receiving business guidance from Sales representatives (Opportunity Owners):
  • driving of overall proposal preparation plan of the opportunity;
  • involvement in proposal/contract development;
  • meets internal approval requirements: obtain necessary approvals of aligned functions (pricing, legal, quality assurance, procurement, technical resources);
  • interfacing with local and foreign colleagues from sales team, project management, technical sales team and business management, where it's needed during proposal/contract development;
  • ensure support by Operations:
  • contract signing process;
  • deal tracking;
  • requesting of invoices;
  • register signed contracts in IBM systems;
  • financials control at project and department level (revenue, cost, expenses, margin). 
  • usage of IBM internal systems to track and indicate services deals status.
Ольга Горовых
Специалист программы интернатуры в IBM

Internship is a part-time assignment for active students willing to pass within IBM their practice related to University diploma as a required part of their academic program. As an IBM Intern hire you will participate in a 9 month Internship Program starting from November, consisting of specific education, mentoring, networking and recognition events. You will get the opportunity to work with great clients, learn from talented individuals, be coached and supported by people who care about your career as much as you do, get world class training and then apply it every day.

During internship student will learn how to perform all supporting work in respect of IT, Operations, Sales, Finance etc. and get a benefit from obtaining a knowledge of everyday operations big International company.


  • higher education in management / finance / economics (incomplete education is accepted);
  • base understanding of Project management;
  • strong practical experience with MS Word, Excel and Power Point;
  • good English skills, both writing and listening.


  • All interns get monthly scholarship in amount of 15 000 rubles gross
  • Part-time Complementary