We offer you to join Product Supply Manufacturing (Capella Plant, Dzerzhinsk) for internship.

We are the Beauty Care P&G Plant in Eastern Europe producing hair care products: hair colorants Wellaton, Londa, hair shampoo Shamtu, Wella Pro Series and shower gel Camay.

Product Supply Manufacturing is responsible for every aspect of product making and is recognized as an industry leader for the development of innovative production systems and technologies. Manufacturing has far-reaching responsibilities which cover reliability, quality, safety of our equipment / processes and the motivation of the people working in the plant.

As an  intern you will be working on your own project in the field of production process improvement, loss elimination, engineering  or logistic area.

You will get the opportunity to put your technical skills to work in a challenging environment; improve your interpersonal and team skills through practical experience; learn to work effectively with people of different cultural and educational backgrounds and better understand your strengths.

Евгения Новикова
HR, Talent Supply Manager в P&G

Стажировка в P&G – это не рутинные задачи, а возможность проявить себя, работая над сложным и очень интересным, а главное, реальным проектом, который повлияет на бизнес компании! 

За эти несколько месяцев вы познакомитесь с настоящей жизнью в P&G, сможете оценить компанию «изнутри», и, в случае успеха, получить предложение о работе!

Что мы предлагаем:

  • Интересные задачи и ответственность с первого дня работы;
  • Уникальные тренинги для личностного и профессионального роста;
  • Гибкий график;
  • Предложение о постоянной работе в случае успешного прохождения стажировки!

Не упустите свой шанс!


  • University student of 3rd, 4th or 5th year of education
  • Good command of English


    The internship usually last for 3 months. You will get effective on-the-job training from the first day of your Internship and will be guided by your Manager and Internship Mentor through all time of your work

  • Starting salary from 45.000 RUR per month gross.
  • Schedule - Full-time