Primary telephoning potential clientstryst;
Control of preparing a proposal for the client;
Writing letters (the ability to hold a dialogue with different faces of the company).

Сергей Шульга
Head of HR в Nectarin

Agency Nectarin - Digital Advertising Agency
"Nectarin" - the agency of small size and great opportunities. Being in the top 20 Russian agencies on turnover and the number of clients, we are constantly moving forward, raising the bar for their achievements every day!
We have something to stand out among his colleagues. First, all of our ideas as creative and designed to meet the needs of a particular customer. Second, in our arsenal, there are a number of technological solutions, which you will not find anywhere else. Unique technology - the result of our experience in specific areas of digital marketing.


Understanding what the Digital world and the world of advertising;
Understand the terms and digital indicators.


Employment by the Labour Code;
Opportunities for professional growth;
Recurrent training and workshops;
Comfortable spacious office and friendly staff.


Оплата по результатам собеседования.